pyigm Scripts

There are a number of scripts, many of which are GUIs, provided with pyigm. As regards the GUIs we warn again that Mac users will need to set their matplotlib to something other than MacOSX. See backends.


GUI for examining IGM sightlines. See ref:igmguesses for details.


Generate a simple JSON file for an IGM System. Useful for things like the GUI lt_xabssys in linetools.

Here is the usage:

usage: pyigm_mkigmsys [-h] [--NHI NHI] [--jcoord JCOORD] [--zem ZEM]
                      [--sigNHI SIGNHI] [--vlim VLIM]
                      itype zabs outfile

Show contents of a JSON file, assuming one of several formats. (v1.1)

positional arguments:
  itype            Type of IGMSystem: dla, lls, mgii
  zabs             Absorption redshift
  outfile          Name of JSON file to create

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  --NHI NHI        log10 NHI value
  --jcoord JCOORD  Coordinates in JXXXXXXXX.X+XXXXXX.X format
  --zem ZEM        Emission redshift
  --sigNHI SIGNHI  Error in NHI
  --vlim VLIM      Velocity limits in format ###,###

And an example:

pyigm_mkigmsys dla 3.0 tmp.json --zem=4. --vlim=-232,300 --NHI=20.5 --sigNHI=0.2


Simple script to give a brief summary of stuff in a JSON file. Best to use on an IGMSightline file.